We teach phonics through Letters and Sounds.

Early Years

Young children learn through play as well as from the more formal areas of the curriculum. The Early Years Foundation Stage of the curriculum is vital as it is here that the children have their first experience of school.  It is our aim to make this experience a positive and exciting time for every child that enters Kempston Rural Primary School.     

To find out what your child is learning this term, please refer to the class page for a curriculum overview.


Children in KS1 and KS2

Children in are taught in accordance with the Primary National Curriculum (2014). Follow the link to see an overview of learning in each year group and for each subject.


 KS1 and KS2

 An overview of the subject areas being taught each term can be found via your child's class page in the format of a Topic Booklet and separate Knowledge Organisers for each area of the curriculum.

Each topic area is taught for one term, therefore there are three topics each accademic year, taught on a two year rolling programme.


Homework is an important part of your child's learning.  It enables parents to support their child's learning at home and practise newly acquired skills. The amount of homework given depends on the age of the child.


Please refer to the school Homework Policy