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Kempston Coin Collectors

Introducing Kempston Coin Collectors

Children who are in Year 4, 5 or 6 have been given the opportunity to apply for a variety of jobs at school, which are to be completed in their break times.  Each job is paid in Kempston Coins which can then be exchanged for items in the Kempston Coin Collectors shop.  They may choose to exchange for items straight away or save up for items of a greater value.  Children do not have to apply for any jobs.

Being Useful and Kind in the local community

As part of their job, the K.C.C Litter Monitors go out of school once a week to collect litter in our local area. We have been quite saddened to see how much litter there is around but are really pleased to be able to help keep Kempston clean, tidy and safe. 

Training - Spring Term 2023

The training for Kempston Coin Collectors has now been completed for this term. The children in Years 4, 5 and 6 are able to apply for jobs they gained a certificate this term or any previous jobs they have a certificate for.

We have been so impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment the children have shown so far. Thank you for your support. Children please continue to apply using the links below.


Apply for the following jobs.

The next round of jobs will start on Monday 20th March and they need to be applied for before Wednesday 15th March. Successful candidates will be told on Monday 20th March ready to start work on that same day.  

Remember you can only apply for one job every two weeks and you must have completed the training and passed (this year or last year).

Library Leaders - 1 coin per week

Milk Monitor - 1 coin per week

Fruit Monitor - 1 coin per week

Litter Monitor - 1 coin per week

Badge Making - 2 coins per week

No badge makers required this time

Reading Champions - 2 coins per week

Laptop Leaders - 1 coin per week 

Floor Monitor - 2 coins per week

School Reception - 1 coin per week

Plate Monitor - 2 coins per week

Play Leader - 2 coins per week

Learning Street Leader - 1 coin per week 

Housekeeping Monitor - 1 coin per week