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Our Learning Environment

At Kempston Rural, the classroom environment is seen as a learning tool and a way of engaging children and celebrating success. Each classroom is an interactive resource, supporting teaching, learning and assessment. It creates a sense of ownership and builds a ‘community feeling’.

Our clean and tidy classrooms contribute to a purposeful learning environment. Everyone, including the children, takes responsibility for our physical environment, including areas beyond the classroom such as the learning streets, cloakrooms, and in the heart of the school, the library.

Around the school, there are many display boards and these have many purposes, for example, to focus attention, to stimulate enquiry, to celebrate, and to interact with. Displays help to promote the children’s learning and encourage their understanding of a subject. Each class has; separate Maths and English working walls, with examples of pupil’s work, boards that celebrate the children’s cross-curricular work, subject working walls, school values and rules. Our learning streets have display boards which showcase children’s high-quality work from all year groups, covering a range of topic areas.

The children & staff are proud of their environment and their achievements and this is evident in every part of our amazing school.