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Support for Parents and Carers

Please see below for a range of support services for parents and carers.

Bedford Borough Parent Carer Forum works alongside Bedford Borough Council  and the Integrated Care Board  as a strategic partner and critical friend. They are experts by experience and as such, have a unique understanding of how challenging life can be raising a child or young person with SEND. They parent carers the opportunity to participate in a number of ways such as coffee events, conferences, social media, surveys and focus groups. This feedback can then be used to co-produce and work at a strategic level with the Local Authorities and the ICB. They also offer training to empower our members. Please click the link below to access their website. 


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Triple P offers flexible, practical ways to develop skills, strategies and confidence to handle a variety of parenting situations. Please see the Positive Parenting information leaflet below to view all courses and email to book for free. 

The Psychology Team offers EP Consultations which take place remotely using a digital platform. They are an opportunity to discuss issues impacting on a child or young person in the educational setting or at home with an Educational Psychologist, with a view to planning a way forward. Each appointment lasts 45 minutes. Please view the leaflet below to see dates and times. Please note, that assessments are not carried out in these sessions and that the child or young person does not need to be present unless they are over 16 and wish to be present.

Childrens Speech and Language Therapy for Luton and Bedfordshire

The NHS Children's Speech and Language Therapy website offers expert advice and support for children with speech and language difficulties in Luton and Bedfordshire. Please click the link below to access the website to find out more. 

Bedford Local Offer

Bedford Borough Local Offer includes a wealth of information about what is going on in the local area, and details on how to access services, organisations and activities that are right for you. Please click the link below to find out more. 

The Supporting Your Neurodiverse Child handbook was written by a group of parents at various stages of the same journey. They have provided an overview of what they have found to be the most relevant information from sources such as the NHS website, national charities and IPSEA, but they aren't trying to recreate textbooks that are already available. There are links included that you can follow to find out more on specific topics. They have also recommended some books, videos and blogs, which are all resources they have used themselves. The handbook is not intended to be read in one go, but you can dip in and out when each section becomes relevant to your family's situation. Please click the link below to access the handbook. 

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Lynn Otti's Free Food Shop is a free food and cleaning item charity that helps families and individuals who are in need, every month. The charity is run on a referral based service only. This means that agencies such as schools, GPs, faith based groups, community services, health services etc. refer families that they know are in financial need every month to receive free food and cleaning goods. If you feel that you require this service, please contact the school office or speak to your child's teacher. Below is the shopping list to give you an idea of what is available. 

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In school we have started a Social, Emotional and Mental Health Library for the children. It includes books that focus on emotional regulation, friendship and connection, dealing with grief, loss and separation anxiety, managing anger and frustration, jealousy, self-confidence and self-esteem, sadness and anxieties, understanding neurodiversity, and coping with change. These books are all aimed at children and include characters that children can identify with. We have included the book list below if you feel that this would benefit you and your child at home. 

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Bedford Borough Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Information Advice and Support Services (SENDIASS) provide a free, impartial and confidential service to parents and carers of children who have special educational needs and/or a disability (SEND). They also offer support to young people with SEN or a disability to help them access the best possible education. Bedford SENDIASS Service aims to encourage partnership between parents, carers and young people with those responsible for their education and training. Please click the link below to access further information.