Kempston Rural Primary School

  1. Statutory Information
  2. Policies


Administering Medicines Policy  (Review date January 2023)

Admissions (Review date October 2021)

Accessibility Plan (Review date February 2022)

Anti Bullying Policy (Review date October 2022)

Attendance Policy (Review date October 2021)

Behaviour Management Policy & Guidelines (Review date February 2022)

Bereavement Policy (Review date May 2022)

Charging and Remissions (Review date October 2021)

Child Protection-Safeguarding Policy (Review Date October 2021)

Complaints Policy (Review date February 2022)

Confidentiality Policy (Review date October 2021)

Considerate Communication (Review date May 2021)

Data Protection /Privacy Notice Policy (Review date October 2021)

Educational Visits Policy (Review date October 2021)

Equality Statement (Review date December 2021)

E-Safety Policy (Review date October 2021)

EYFS Policy (Review date March 2022)

Health & Safety Policy (Review Date February 2022)

History Policy (Review Date June 2021)

Homework Policy (Review Date February 2022)

ICT Policy (Review Date October 2021)

Intimate Care Policy (Review Date October 2021)

Online Safety Policy (Review Date October 2021)

Parental Behaviour Policy (Review Date October 2021)

Prevent Duty

Race Equality Policy (Review Date February 2022)

Safer Recruitment Policy (Review Date October 2021)

SEND Policy 2020 with Addendum (Review Date October 2021)

SEND Information Report 

Sex and Relationships Education Policy (Review Date September 2022)

Uniform Policy (Review Date October 2022)

Walking Home Alone Policy (Review Date February 2022)

Whistle Blowing Policy (Review Date February 2022)