Head Teacher

Mrs A. Stanbridge 


Deputy Head Teacher  

Mrs N. Campbell 


Assistant Head Teacher & Head of KS1

Early Years Leader

Lower KS2 Leader

Head of KS2

Pre-School Manager











Mrs L. Green (Herons)

Mrs J Dutta (Goslings)

Mr S. Russo (Kingfishers)

Mrs C. Redmond (Eagles)

Mrs M. Roccotiello (Ducklings)


Mrs J. Dutta - Reception (Goslings) 

Miss A. Stewart Reception (Cygnets) 

Mrs L. Green and Mrs H. Nicholas - Year 1 (Herons) 

Miss L. Shaw - Year 1 (Swans)

Miss G. Barby - Year 2 (Wrens) 

Miss A. Rounding - Year 2 (Robins)

Miss J. Dhillo - Year 3 (Owls)

Miss R. Turton - Year 3 (Doves)

Mrs L. Paulson - Year 4 (Woodpeckers)

Mr S. Russo - Year 4 (Kingfishers) 

Mr O. Jenkins - Year 5 (Merlins) 

Miss R. Garcha - Year 5 (Kestrels)

Mrs C. Redmond - Year 6 (Eagles) 

Office Staff 


Mrs S. Walsh

Mrs J. Dodson

Mrs J. Branch

Behaviour and Inclusion Manager

Teaching Assistants 















 Midday Supervisors





Breakfast and After School Club




Facilities Manager









Mrs R. Chesters-Lewis 


Mrs V. Pearson

Mrs K. Curtis

Mrs J. Baron

Mrs S. Humphries  

Mrs A. Smiljanic 

Mrs M. Antoine 

Miss A. Webber

Mrs A. Gallagher  

Mrs J. Pope 

Mrs R. Minor 

Miss A. Nayar

Mrs G. Buachie

Mrs K. Horswell 

Miss L. Chandhar

Mrs R. Hutchings

Mrs H. Siong

Mrs P. Wood

Miss M. McCready

Mrs B. Rizzo

Mrs M. Yeboah


Mrs C. Elliott

Mrs G. Buachie

Mrs N. Hussain

Mrs D. Wright

Miss A. Wright



Mrs A. Smiljanic

Mrs S. Buck

Mrs C. Elliott

Miss A. Webber


Mr B. Stanbridge


Mrs P. Caruana

Mrs J. Masih

Mrs J. Kaur

Mrs K. Kaur

Mr R. Bridges