Kempston Rural Primary School

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The name of the school is KEMPSTON RURAL PRIMARY SCHOOL

The school is a community school


The governing body shall consist of:

FOUR Parent Governors

One LA Governor

One Staff Governor

One Head Teacher

Four Community Governors

The total number of governors is Eleven

The sponsors entitled to nominate persons for appointment as sponsor governors under Schedule 5 of the Regulations are TWO

This instrument of government came into effect on 1 September 2017

The instrument was made by order of BEDFORDSHIRE BOROUGH LOCAL AUTHORITY.

A copy of this instrument has been supplied to every member of the governor body including the Head Teacher who is a member of that body.


Meeting attendance


Responsibilities of the Governing Body and its Sub Committees


Governor Declaration of Interests


A message from our Chair of Governors

I have 3 children who all started their education in Kempston Rural Lower School, two who followed the 3 tier Marston and Wootton route and one currently following the 2 tier Great Denham and Biddenham route, unfortunately, just missing out on staying in Kempston Rural for their initial and exciting Year 5.

I have lived in Kempston for over 20 years and have been involved in a local scouts group for 10 of those years, currently acting as their Group Chair. My role of Governor is to focus on the Leadership and Management of the school, ensuring that our children are provided the highest quality teaching as well as all the materials and technology that an Ofsted rated Outstanding school such as ours demands. A key part of the role is to monitor and challenge the teaching standards and pupil results, constantly comparing our excellent results to both local and national figures helping push up our pupil attainment for all of our students.

Finally my overall and overarching objective as a governor is to help all of our pupils and staff flourish and be given the opportunity to realise their potential in a safe and enjoyable environment.

 Neil Dodson

Chair of Governors Kempston Rural Primary School


 A Message from Surinder Mahi

I am a parent of 2 children at Kempston Rural Primary School and have lived in the Bedford/Kempston area for my whole life, as well as working for a locally based business for the last 2 decades. Our eldest child has been with the school at a time when the move to a new purpose built school was completed and it is testament to the commitment and hard work of all the staff that their excellent standards have been maintained throughout.

As parent governors it is our duty to actively support the staff in maintaining the school's position as a wonderful place for children to be nurtured and educated, and ensure accountability to the wider community. We all bring different knowledge and expertise to the role but the most important thing is we want to see all children continue to flourish at the school.

Surinder Mahi

Parent Governor Kempston Rural Primary School